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Wednesday, 19 October 2016
Want A Dedicated Door Repairs Page? | Locksmith Blog
Topic: Featured!


I have been running my door repairs website for a few years now and it has grown quickly to become the leading door repairs directory in the UK.

I am asked every single week by locksmiths and seo firms wanting a dedicated page on the site and have decided that for a limited time I will be offering dedicated pages on a first come first served basis, one company per area.

Of course this is only applicable to genuine local firms, I am not interested in selling out to national firms and locksmith franchises that rip off the customers.

Pages are priced at £100 fully built for a lifelong listing on the directory.
Building yourself just a handful of backlinks from your webpages and social media should easily put the listing on page one for 'door repairs *area*'

If you would like to take a look at a couple of examples and see how they rank you can click on the links below. Be sure to Google 'door repairs *area*' and see how these pages rank.

I won't be providing this service for long so if you're interested then you can drop me an email to

Posted by Rick the Pick at 8:50 AM BST
Updated: Tuesday, 13 April 2021 9:58 AM BST
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Tuesday, 1 March 2016
Impact Locksmiths | Locksmith Blog
Topic: Featured!



Impact Locksmiths Liverpool

It has been over six months since I uploaded a featured locksmith to the blog so here is the first one of the year:

Paul Clark t/a Impact Locksmiths Liverpool is a fairly new, skilled and enthusiastic locksmith looking to start off on the right foot in this competitive game. Paul has obviously received some first class training as is knowledgable and kitted out properly to make an impression in the Liverpool area.

You may already recognise the name from the various locksmith forums and online networking sites that Paul is a keen member of and contributing his wisdom to.

Impact Locksmiths are based in Croxteth Liverpool so well situated to provide a fast and reliable locksmith service in the Liverpool area. Not part of any national locksmith call centers or franchises Paul is a genuine bona-fide local locksmith!

If you are based locally and looking for a top notch locksmith in Liverpool, door repairs or just some friendly advice then it is recommended that you give Impact Locksmiths your first call. You can contact Paul directly with the details below:




Paul Clark
Impact Locksmiths
50 Riviera Drive
Mob: 07590208096

Posted by Rick the Pick at 1:11 PM GMT
Updated: Tuesday, 13 April 2021 10:06 AM BST
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Wednesday, 19 August 2015
Sir Locksalot Master Locksmith Middlesbrough | Locksmith Blog
Topic: Featured!


sir locksalot middlesbrough






It's been a while since I posted a locksmith feature on the locksmith blog so here we go; Sir Locksalot aka Gavin Hall a local master locksmith based in Middlesbrough.

Gavin has been trading for some time now as Sir Locksalot Locksmiths Middlesbrough and offers all the typical services you would expect of an accomplished locksmith on a 24 hour basis.

uPVC door lock repairs are his speciality and Gavin stocks a wide range of replacement upvc door locks and hardware to repair the majority of door types that you would find in Middlesbrough, including commercial door and shopfronts with higher security locks.

if you are searching for a locksmith in middlesbrough Gavin is the go to guy, not only is he a genuine local tradesman but also provides a high quality locksmith service at an affordable price.

You can contact Gavin 24 hours a day seven days a weekusing the details below:

32 Ronaldshay Terrace

Tel: 07986-614865


security lock upgradeslockinox unitrick the pick lock picking bs eclipse lock

Posted by Rick the Pick at 12:36 PM BST
Updated: Tuesday, 13 April 2021 10:20 AM BST
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014
Carl GIbbs Locksmiths Kingston Upon Thames
Topic: Featured!

I first heard the name Carl Gibbs locksmiths on a locksmiths forum a couple of years ago, a newcomer to the trade seeking advice and information regarding training and setting up business as a locksmith in Kingston.

Since then Carl has established himself and fought hard to become one of the leading locksmiths in the Surrey area and has earned an enviable reputation amongst locksmiths across the country as well as inspiring new comers to the trade.

Carl Gibbs Locsmiths is living proof that if you want something bad enough and work hard enough you will succeed!

CG Locksmiths now provide all the traditional services you would expect of a master locksmith as well as modern aspects such as uPVC door lock repairwork. A recent addition to CG Locksmiths services is the new auto keys equipment allowing Carl to program, decode and build new car keys in Kingston.

As a proud ex-forces member Carl has  decided to look after his fellow servicemen by offering special rates for locksmith services. He explains regularly how the SFA maintenence teams rarely provided a satisfactory service whilst he was serving and would like to provide a reliable locksmith service for his fellow members.

If you live in or near Kingston upon Thames and require a locksmith then do not hesitate to call Carl, a friendly and reliable local locksmith service with a blinding reputation. I hear he's a nice guy too ;-)


Posted by Rick the Pick at 8:16 AM BST
Updated: Wednesday, 21 January 2015 6:58 AM GMT
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014
JS Locksmiths Manchester
Topic: Featured!

This months featured locksmith is James Smyth a local locksmith based in Sale, Manchester. With over twenty years experience in the locksmith and security industry it goes without saying that James knows his onions, particularly in the field of non destructive entry and vehicle lock opening.

The competition in the Manchester areas is fierce, particularly online advertising which is littered with national companies employing negative SEO tactics on anyone that gets near the top of the search engine results. In fact my first meeting with James was to discuss a new website build for JS Locksmiths in Manchester who's online presence was as good as dead.

Since building theFacebook page and listing in review directories on James' behalf I have seen a wave of positive feedback from his customers who regularly email and review JS Locksmiths vouching for the excellent service provided in the Manchester area, most notably in his auto work, an area in which JS Locksmiths specialise.

James also designs some great locksmith tools! I recently received a homebrew letterbox tool from him which is really effective. Its nice to see locksmiths out there still innovating and sharing their ideas for the good of the trade.

If you require a locksmith in the Manchester area, Sale, Salford or Altrincham then I would urge you to get a quotation from JS Locksmiths, a homegrown local business that is both affordable and ethical. You wont be dissappointed.

James Smyth: 07789593034


Posted by Rick the Pick at 8:37 AM GMT
Updated: Monday, 9 November 2015 3:06 PM GMT
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Thursday, 9 January 2014
Island Locks Training Course | Locksmith Blog
Topic: Featured!


Island Locks Logo


This month I have decided to feature a locksmith training course based in Middlesex, Island Locks.

It goes without saying that you have probably already heard the name Jay Dorner on various locksmith forums or via his immensely popular Youtube channel featuring lock picking demonstrations and techniques that are taught on his locksmith training course.

I have been a member of his purpose built locksmith forum at http://www.islandlocksforum for a few years now. It was initially built to support his trainee's whilst they establish their own business, however this forum attracted a lot of attention due to its loyal following and incredibly useful resources. It is well worth joining if you haven't already found it.
What is most striking on this locksmith training forum is the lack of prejudice against newcomers and the willingness of more knowledgeable locksmiths to share information and offer advice.

As for the quality of Island locks training course, the testimonials speak for themselves. Jay has clearly played an immense part not only in providing sufficient locksmith training but also ensuring his trainees set off on the right foot and build a successful business.

lock picking course

There are so many locksmith training companies out there that will churn out new 'locksmiths' at an alarming rate offering no further support or help once the course is over with, most of which fail within the first six months of setup.

It is clear from being a member of Island Locks Forum that the success rate is considerably higher than even some of the most reputable locksmith organisations advertised online. With Island Locks there are no subscription fees or memberships to ensure you remain in 'the circle' and to make a bit more profit. Its forum is completely free to anyone wishing to look into joining the locksmith profession seeking a little more information and advice before investing and money.

In my opinion ,and in fact many other peoples opinions, this is currently the best locksmith training course in the UK with the friendliest gang of followers on the internet.


You can contact Jay at Island Locks directly at:

Mob: 07960 231418      Email:

locksmith training school


Posted by Rick the Pick at 8:51 AM GMT
Updated: Monday, 9 November 2015 3:07 PM GMT
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Sunday, 24 November 2013
SEO For Locksmiths | Locksmith Blog
Topic: Featured!

As my regular readers of the Locksmith Blog and other locksmith associates know I have been dabbling with SEO for some time know and have had great success with both my own sites and for other locksmiths.

I have decided it is now time to take this to the next level since I am confident I can compete well against most rival locksmith chains notoriously taking over the google listings.

SEO is something that a lot of locksmiths have neither time for or limited understanding of.

I can offer complete site build + monthly locksmith SEO for a fraction of what is charged by local seo companies and ensure your business is seen online!

I will building a page explaining my fees and what is included in the package in the next few days.


The new website is now live.

locksmith seo image

Locksmith Wednesfield | Locksmith Blog | Rick the Pick

Posted by Rick the Pick at 4:13 PM GMT
Updated: Wednesday, 21 January 2015 7:02 AM GMT
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Sunday, 21 April 2013
1st Defence Locksmiths Leeds | Locksmith Blog
Topic: Featured!
1st defence locksmiths based in Leeds

This months feature is dedicated to 1st defence owned and run by Ben Gatenby a regular poster on numerous locksmith forums and a good friend of mine.

Bens father Stuart has been in the locksmith game a while and naturally Ben followed the same path having a good knowledge of the locksmith trade and the skills required to make a success of his business where a lot of new start ups failed.

Like myself, Ben at 1st Defence Locksmiths is a keen SEO addict and serial lock blogger. His latest locksmith blog looks and reads fantastic and definitely worth a read!

Anti-snap locks are now commonplace up north and Ben is well stocked to upgrade his customers to Avocet ABS or the new Brisant Secure cylinders as well as providing all the usual security additions you would expect a good locksmith to offer.

1st Defence cover the entire Leeds area as well as Wakefield and Bradford and have a large list of regular commercial clients vouching for Bens excellent locksmith service.

leeds locksmith logo

You can contact ben at 1st Defence locksmiths, 24 hours a day on:
01132 038909

Posted by Rick the Pick at 5:13 PM BST
Updated: Wednesday, 16 March 2016 7:33 AM BST
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Tuesday, 15 January 2013
Pennine Security Solutions | Locksmith Blog
Topic: Featured!

Pennine Security Solutions - Locksmith Services

locksmith based in sheffield

Welcome to the sections first Featured locksmith company.

As a relatively new locksmith, Mike Kitchen of Pennine Security Solutions -Locksmiths Sheffield has worked incredibly hard to get his locksmith business up and running as quickly as possible.

In this economy it is extremely difficult to establish a business furthermore in a saturated industry such as locksmithing where every man and his dog are dabbling at lock changes and upvc door work.

Pennine Security Solutions specialise in uPVC and double glazed door locks which now account for the majority of locksmith work in the Sheffield area since the boom in double glazing and the increased security these doors offer.

As well as repairing uPVC door locks and mechanisms Mike is also stocking a large range of cylinders to upgrade the doors security further in the form of Avocet ABS lock cylinders that incorporate magnetic pin technology and anti-snap features.

Pennine Security Solutions cover the majority of the West and South Yorkshire areas particularly Sheffield, Huddersfield and Barnsley where the majority of their larger business and commercial locksmith customers are located.

Mike is the only locksmith working for PSS in Sheffield and when calling you will speak direct to him and book directly for any locksmith work required. There are no call centres or receptionists here, you are speaking directly with a knowledgable and experienced locksmith!

Based in Penistone, Sheffield, PSS Locksmiths can respond and be on site in the Sheffield area within 30 minutes in most cases and stocks the majority of locks and door hardware to complete the job on site without the need for a return visit.

I have been working with Mike at Pennine Security Solutions to optimise his website and build his brand and am pleased to report that he is a knowledgable and honest individual that i would not hesitate to recommend.

Need a locksmith in Sheffield? Call PSS Locksmiths today for the best locksmith service at the most reasonable price!


Mike: 01142 135134

Posted by Rick the Pick at 8:55 AM GMT
Updated: Monday, 9 November 2015 3:17 PM GMT
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Friday, 28 December 2012
Featured Local Locksmith | Locksmith Blog
Topic: Featured!
featured local locksmiths

'Featured' is a new section I have decided to add to the locksmith blog.

I feel this will be a welcome addition to the blog and tie in nicely with my other efforts over at in promoting local locksmith businesses.

The featured section is space for local locksmith companies to explain a little about what they do, who they cater for and the locksmith services they can offer.

The same rules apply as in the locksmith directory and no national locksmith companies or call centres need contact me as this is solely for the small local locksmiths seeking additional exposure.

What is required?

> 2-300 words that best describe your company.
> Full address and contact details.
> 3-5 pictures of your locksmith business and/or work.
> A company logo.

These can be emailed over to me clicking here

Once i have received the details and checked through them they will be stored untl my next Featured update. These updates will be made in due course as not to saturate my locksmith blog posts and no guarantee can be made on the publishing time.

featured local locksmiths  locksmith picking a lock

Posted by Rick the Pick at 5:38 AM GMT
Updated: Wednesday, 11 June 2014 1:46 PM BST
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