Locks at the forefront of technology

We have recently invested in one of the most secure entry systems in the world.
Our new locks contain no mechanical parts whatsoever and operate using the latest infrared and Bluetooth technology.

Controlling and restricting access on your premises has never been so flexible, allowing its users to set time slots for keys to be functional and advanced master key systems programmed in minutes.

Using specialist software, our locksmiths are able to set up advanced access systems for shopping centers, schools and large busy buildings where multiple levels of restriction are required for groups of users.

No longer will you have to worry about premises being opened after hours by unauthorized individuals; simply disable the key during your selected time period.

Our locks are available in a massive range of dimensions as to retrofit most existing door hardware with little or no modification to your existing access control suite.

Our engineers are based in the West Midlands but cover further afield upon request.

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