avoiding national locksmiths

A Word Of Warning - Importance Of Knowing Your Locksmith!

Now that the internet is the number one source for information it has become a wide open battlefield for rogues and fraudsters to pollute with their adverts.

More than half of the content brought up by Google when searching for a local locksmith will originate from national franchises and call center type operation that claim to be local.

Often they will have false locations and redirect phone numbers to dupe the customer into expensive verbal contracts whereby card details are taken upfront to prevent cancellations when their 'locksmiths' fail to show on time.

Why don't they show on time?  The call center accepts any work wherever it can trick a customer into agreeing and will then have to ring around its contractors to find someone close enough to send your way, more often than not they are miles away, however you will always be promised a quick response, just around the corner, etc, etc.

NEVER, EVER agree to the first quotation you get! Shop around and ensure the person you are speaking with on the phone really knows the area they claim to work in. Make sure the price they are quoting is inclusive of parts and VAT if applicable. A well know scam is to offer cheap as chips rates but an enormous mark up on parts.

Use your intuition and if anything sounds suspicious it would be wise to ring around for other quotations.

A good source for genuine local locksmiths is the UK Locksmith Directory that omits any entries by national call centers so you are guaranteed genuine local traders.