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Wednesday, 4 May 2016
Bullying Within The Profession | Locksmith Blog

From day one of venturing into the locksmith world I learned that in no other community do tradesmen hate on one another like locksmiths do. The locksmith community is full of those that think or in some cases truly believe they are holier than the rest of the community.

Which leads me into my first blog post of the month and my first rant in quite some time. I do love a good moan.

I want all the new start ups and inexperienced locksmiths reading this now to pay attention to my next statement:

Every single trading locksmith will make a complete f**k up of a job(s) at some point in their career.


I just wanted to put that out there straight away. All the locksmiths you see on the forums claiming 100% NDE, never drilled a lock, never ran away tail between leg, master of all master locksmith types, they have all made a pigs ear somewhere down the line. You just won't hear about it.

I have read a few posts on locksmith forums and groups lately naming and shaming (albeit in a private group) new locksmiths who through poor judgment or inexperience have messed up. I won't lie it does piss me off, not becuase they are reporting poor workmanship but because of the reasons I believe they do it. It's almost as if slating someone elses work makes them feel a better locksmith for it. Just like your schoolyard bully.

Within the first year of trading as a locksmith I had fixed several jobs by more experienced locksmiths so I know first hand that it definitely happens. I quickly learned that the locksmith world is rife with bullshitters and the majority of the time it's all about scaremongering and protecting their bubble.

Have I ever screwed up a job? Yes on several occasions! The only saving grace when things go pear shaped is that you hang in there and rectify the issue, get someone else to help you out or re-imburse for your cock up.

My parting words of advice for anyone thinking of throwing in the towel, feeling pushed out or not up to the job is firstly take everything you read/hear with a pinch of salt, there is a lot of bullshit, oneupmanship and hating going on and until you're experienced enough and take a step back it's hard to see it. Secondly, don't become involved in it, it's easy to think this is normal behaviour. It's not, concentrate on developing your own skills and knowledge along with your own techniques.

If in doubt phone a friend, ask your trainer, you can even phone me if you like. Happy locksmithing.

screw jamming a locklatch reversal on fercobroken milenco lock

Posted by Rick the Pick at 8:19 AM BST
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